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Aspen Clean Kitchen Cleaner
This cleaner is amazing at cleaning grease in your Kitchens at a superior level, it has a nice subtle citrus scent and is sourced from North Vancouver, BC 
Green Beaver Castile Soap
This cleaner is extremely versatile all purpose cleaner for your cupboards, counters and floors. This product has a nice vibrant orange scent that you will be sure to smell when you come home! This product is made in Hawkesbury, Ontario 
Eco Max Tub & Tile
We use this cleaner to ease the cleaning of grime in your bathtubs and other areas of your bathroom, with a minty and eucalyptus scent you?ll be sure to love. Product is manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario 
This product works wonders on hard water stains and polishing stainless steel, we use it in showers for the hardware and glass doors as well as your kitchen sinks to leave them sparkling and looking brand new again. This product is sourced from France 
Aspen Clean Scour Powder
This product is a great natural replacement for comet in your home for scrubbing those hard to get spots in your sink, and is also great for glass stove tops to make them sparkle

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